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Regarding porno, I prefer amateur footage and not professional, as they are simply more natural. The truth is, that everyday girls ore often better and more handy and a lot of them ride more professionally than professionals themselves. It’s interesting that porno, shot more or less by coincidence and without planning, can give me a faster arousal – knowing that a wet and horny real life bitch in a serious need of a sturdy cock got her chance to be fucked senseless and a guy simply took out his phone and filmed the porno action while pumping her ass, so he can share it on net later, is simply magnificent. And it looks like the girls don’t mind at all: they each have a little porno actress inside and the little cunt wants to shine and get her five minutes of fame fucking and sucking. I usually save such porno materials, so I can watch them over and over, but my favorite ones are those where you can tell it’s the girls first time in front of the camera. She’s usually a bit shy in the beginning, but as soon as she forgets about the cam, she dives into pleasure head first. Porno like that always ends with complete bliss and loud animal like voices – she’s wondering what the fuck happened to her, why she’s got sticky sperm all over her face and how come her cunt is bruised and swollen from a dick, that fucked her insane.

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